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"Gray Banded Obsidian Skinning Knife"

flint knapping Flint Knapping
flint knapping Flint Knapping

Item 4C $70.00

I am Offering Certificates of Authenticity on Most of My knives. It will contain a brief description of Your Knife and a Picture of the Exact Knife and will be signed and dated by the Artist (Me). I have showed a generic pic of a COA.

This nice knife is 8 1/2 inches long and this neat skinning blade has been knapped out of a unique gray banded obsidian. This handle is a nice white tail deer antler. This knife does come with a notched antler piece and my usual paw print on the burr. The blade has been hafted to the antler with resins and artificial sinews. Please hit reload to make sure this knife is still available. Remember that shipping is included in the low price.