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"Black Butter Obsidian Skinning Knife"

Obsidian Knife
Obsidian Knife Obsidian Knife

Item#2D-1 $70.00

This beautiful knife is 8 3/4 inches long and this very nice skinning blade has been knapped out of a black butter obsidian. Very nice. Completely opaque. This handle is a nice black tail deer antler. This is a great knife and would certainly stand out in any knife or flint knapping collection. The blade has been hafted to the antler handle with resins and artificial sinews and a paw print is painted on the butt of the handle. Remember that shipping is included in this price. If the image does not match the description, please reload. When I sell a knife on this site, I replace it with the another knife but sometimes use the same file name. If you have been regularly visiting this site the new image may not reload automatically.