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"Knapped Dacite Paleo Knife with Manzanita Handle"

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Item 5D $75.00

I can ship this knife internationally This nice knife is 10 1/2 inches long and this nice paleo blade has been knapped out of dacite. Some would say a lower grade of obsidian. It is opaque, letting in absolutely no light. This handle is a nice piece of manzanita, stained and finished. Did show a pic of both sideds. This knife does come with a notched manzanita piece. The blade has been hafted to the handle with resins and artificial sinews. This is a beautiful piece for the flint knapping collection or to resell at a pow wow or rendezvous. These knives may sell at a fast rate so please hit reload to see if I have posted it as sold. Unless sold, you will get the knife pictured.