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"Obsidian Knife with Carved handle and Variscite Inlay"

obsidian knife obsidian knife obsidian knife obsidian knife obsidian knife

This Knife is No Longer Available

This piece is just amazing. This deer antler handle has had an Indian Chief carved into the side by California Artist Robert Roberts. Mr. Roberts also added a gem quality variscite inlay into the butt of this handle. If that was not enough, he then carved a human hand print on the opposite side of the Chief. It reminds me of the hand prints that indians used to put on their horses. This obsidian blade might also be one of my favorite colors. It has reds and blacks of varying degrees of transparency. This close up shows it so well. This beautiful knife measures 9 1/2 inches from the butt to the tip of blade. This base is a piece of red oak, routered, stained, and finished, with a couple of antler tines and a notched antler piece to cradle the knife. I can say with some certainty that this piece would probably stand out in any flint knapping collection or knife collection. The blades has been hafted to the deer antler with artificial sinews and resins. Remember that shipping is included in this price. If the image does not match the description, please reload. When I sell a knife on this site, I replace it with the another knife but sometimes use the same file name. If you have been regularly visiting this site the new image may not reload automatically.