Obsidian Knife Gallery by Obsidian Arts
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"Obsidian Arts Knife Gallery"

wholesale obsidian knives Obsidian Knife obsidian knife Obsidian Knife

Wholesale Prices

Triple Flow Obsidian
Cody Knife with Bobcat

4 Obsidian
Neck Knives

Ribbon Obsidian
Skinning Knife

Knife and Arrowhead Obsidian Knife obsidian knife obsidian knife

Two Curved
Obsidian Knives

Triple Flow Obsidian
Drop Point Knife

Triple Flow Obsidian

3 Obsidian
Bowie Knives

obsidian knife Obsidian Knife obsidian knife obsidian knife

Triple Flow
Obsidian Side Notch

Two Obsidian
Paleo Knives

2 Fox Ear
Obsidian Knives

2 Obsidian
Cody Knives

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Welcome to Obsidian Arts, Knife Gallery. If you visit regularly, please reload as I am constantly replacing knives that have sold. All my knives are flintknapped out of a variety of obsidian colors, and hafted to an antler handle with a signature paw print, painted on the antler butt. The first knife will lead to my wholesale page. All my wholesale knives can be ordered in your choice of obsidian colors. The rest of the knives come as pictured. I can also make special order knives, perhaps out of a special antler that you might have. E-mail me for information on special orders.