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These guys make the most beautiful Lamps, Chandeliers, Coffee tables, and any thing else that you can make out of Antlers. Their Prices are very reasonable and I look forward every year to the antler sale where we meet and rack our brains trying to figure out new ways to market our products.

Eddie's Home Page This is my friends site that he designed and maintains. He is a mountain man and his site contains a lot of pictures. Eds mountainman name is Crazy Wolf. If you look hard enough you might find him in a picture or two.

This site contains the flintknapping creations of a young man in Canada. I believe he has only been knapping for a few months. Because of his enthusiasm for the craft, he is destined to get better and better. Enjoy the artwork of Travis Smolinski at Sparrow Creek Productions.

This site contains the Carvings of Robin Draper. This is an amazing artist who carves everything from eggs to mantles. Enjoy his work.

While my knives and blades are not artifacts, I do get a lot of questions regarding artifacts. This site should be able to answer any questions.